Community from Techstars Programs

We finished our third Techstars program in Austin on June 17th, and it was another great demo day with the community. I’m stoked to see what the 10 teams are going to do in the coming months and years. I will eventually write a lengthy post about the experience and takeaways, but what's top of mind is the community aspect of each program and how it compounds on top of itself. Everyone talks about the tangible takeaways for participating in a program, but the intangible will stay with me forever. 

I made great friends within the program, created lasting relationships with mentors, and will always be close to everyone who went through a program. This is true for my professional and personal life.  

There are the obvious benefits of having an incredibly dedicated and smart person in your corner in the Managing Director of that program. Mentorship from the best in the brightest in the city is a big one, too. Being in the Techstars network immediately connects you to thousands of founders, mentors, corporate partners, etc. What is just as valuable is the community we work to build in each city and the camaraderie that comes of this within each individual program that permeates through each new class of companies.

I’ve been through 3 programs and worked with 31 companies that are now part of the Austin portfolio. I’m incredibly thankful to have worked with the people in Techstars and founders of each company, who are now great friends. The community that’s built in each class amongst the companies is incredible and can only really be understood if you go through a Techstars program. This is the greatest takeaway for me, and something that will continue to impact my life professionally and personally for many years to come. It’s also what you hear about the least.

One of the greatest feelings is dropping into another program while it’s in session and seeing the teams interact with each other. Drastically different personalities, working styles, office layouts, and whatever else make the atmosphere different, but the feeling of community is the same. This is incredible to me and speaks volumes for what each program and the people running it are doing in those cities.

We keep saying the Techstars network is for life, and that just grew exponentially with the acquisition of UP Global. I’m proud to be a small node in that network, and I’m proud of the community we’ve built in Austin in just 2 short years that includes hundreds of people. The fun part is sharing it with the broader network.