Happy 31st

My Aunt just reminded me that today is the 31st anniversary of my Grandma's company. It's called Marker's. Clever, right? Each of her Three children had, or are having, significant impact on what it has become. It's a few years older than me so I literally grew up in it. First job-- rolling spare change to be taken to a bank and made cash. I took my percentage to buy CDs or video games. I think I've had a job, serious or not, for the vast majority of my life.

Those thoughts come up because of how special of an achievement that is for her. It survived three significantly difficult recessions: Texas' S&L Crisis in the late 80's and early 90's, post-9/11, and the "Great Recession." Luckily the S&L crisis helped to make the most recent one not as significant here as in other states. She is a woman in a male dominated market. It's also a legal services business that continues to face legislation change that rocks the industry. Yet, it's better than ever today after weathering the storms and refining or redefining the business. 

The truly amazing thing is all of the employees through the years that have helped build it. The plan has always been to provide the right kind of training and development to allow the people to be great. That means all people across all diversities. That feels like the soundest business lesson I've ever received. Also, it has been proven by maybe more than a thousand people that have worked there or that are there now.

31 years is a big life goal and something I'll always admire. Congrats to her, all of the employees that made it what it is today, and the family that have led it along the way.