Being Coachable Isn't Enough

Being “coachable” is a must-have quality, but I feel it’s used to say someone is able to listen, face shortcomings, and execute on the unknown with some guidance. So “coachable” is missing the distinction of willingness and interest.

There’s a constant in the strongest people in this industry that exists inherently within them. It’s the thirst for knowledge-- a serious will to learn anything and everything --and the application of it to create wisdom.

Wisdom is a deep word that sounds like it comes with a grey beard, but I mean it.

These same people that strive to know and understand anything they can are masters at extracting as much as possible out of an interaction. No conversation is a waste of time because they know the other person has something they don’t.

VCs and angels working with early stage companies are all interested in the product and tech, but there’s a much more important aspect. Which founders are able to extract the knowledge they didn’t even know they needed? Who is constantly learning and consciously working to deeply get what it all means? Coachable is too lightweight of a word to explain that.

Master the art of conversation and extract more than the words being said.